When to Say “Yes” to Something New

Learning when to say “yes” to something new can be challenging. There are times when we may be called to add something new to our plates. While other times, we need to delegate responsibilities, specifically those things that others are able to do.

In Acts 6, we see Jesus’ disciples delegated the ministry of serving tables so they could focus on preaching. This is of utmost importance for all of us to do. We are all gifted and skilled to do certain things, while others are equipped to do different things. Delegating tasks develops ownership, responsibility, and leadership in others, while alleviating certain burdens from the delegator.

Although delegation is necessary and good, what does it look like for someone to assume new responsibilities, which he or she may be called to fulfill? This question is significant because, if not done properly, the person will become overwhelmed quickly.

Let’s use my life as an example. I was recently approached about taking on a new weekly service project. I was excited about the opportunity, how I would assimilate into this new role, and the potential to positively influence many others for Christ. It appeared to be a great fit! There was one problem: It would require about 10 hours of my time each week.

Given this situation, I could do what I often tend to do and just go for it, while letting the details fall into place. But this time, I didn’t. I stopped, thought, and prayed. Where will those additional 10 hours each week come from? I cannot add time to each week. I am already working 45-50 hours per week, taking seminary courses, and have one day to spend at home with my family. I concluded that in order for me to take part in this new weekly service opportunity I would need to give up something, and I did not have that much time to give. So, I declined.

This is just an example. We all have these sort of decisions every day. Whether you want to add Bible study, family time, exercise, reading, sports, movies, prayer, a job, or something else, it all takes time. Saying “yes” to something new always costs us something.

When we consider taking on something new, we must ask three questions:

(1) Is this something which would fall in line with my life mission as a Christ-follower?

(2) What will this cost me?

(3) From where will the additional time and resources come? 

We must ask God to show us the answers to these questions. And once He does, then we can respond by making a God-glorifying decision about how we spend our time.

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