Genuine Concern

“20 For I have no one like him, who will be genuinely concerned for your welfare.”  (Philippians 2:20, ESV)

Like many families with young children, last night after dinner, I found myself rushing around, attempting to complete all the household chores before my Bible study meeting. My wife had an important phone call, so I felt the added pressure to get everything done quickly. I cleared the table, swept the floor, washed the dishes, took out the trash, and began to straighten out the room where my Bible study group would meet just 45 minutes later. But as I zipped through the house, checking tasks off my list, my two-year-old son stood at my feet, anxiously anticipating the moment I would reach down, pick him up, and hold him close. He just wanted a couple minutes of attention and care. Still, I felt tempted to continue hurrying around, preparing for my meeting, when God reminded me of Philippians 2:20.

Here, Paul is highlighting Timothy as one who is “genuinely concerned.” By writing, “I have no one like him,” Paul alludes to the rarity of this characteristic’s manifestation in humanity.

It is true that many of us lack genuine concern, especially those who may treat us poorly. But it is through this genuine concern that Christ is radiantly displayed in our lives. It is because of Him and for Him. Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection provide power, that genuine concern might infuse us. The open expression of this deep, authentic interest in the well-being of others reflects the image of Christ to His glory.

I needed to be reminded of this when my son wanted a couple minutes of attention in the midst of numerous seemingly urgent chores. Maybe you do too. Pray today that God would open your heart and your eyes to see Him that you might experience genuine concern for others in your life.

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