Drunkenness on College Campuses

A large majority of college students, at the very least, try alcohol while at college.  Many fall into a routine and deep dependency on alcohol.  And they think it’s just fun; they think, “this is my chance to be free and do what I want.”  They think getting drunk is what college students are supposed to do.

But the reality is, they are wasting their lives.  They are trading their college years for a mirage of lasting pleasure.  Even students who grew up in the church are wrestling with these issues.

So what should we do?  Well, this blog post by Kevin DeYoung provides a few great practical suggestions:

Sobering Report on College Drinking.

But ultimately, we need to call students up.  We need to lovingly confront and challenge students to think through why they are getting drunk.  We need to help them understand their identity:  They were made by the Creator God, and He wants to have a loving relationship with them.  Once they have that relationship, Jesus goes where they go.

When students begin to understand they are really loved and that God has a bigger plan for their lives than personal, momentary pleasure–they will begin to see the world differently; they will begin to live differently.

Once this happens, they won’t feel like they need to get drunk.  Rather, they will view their lives with purpose.  Their goal in life will be to worship God.  They will be others-focusedThey will be intentionally looking for opportunities to serve others in love.  They will be living for Jesus.

Now, that’s life transformation.  Will you pray with me today for God to transform college students?


About Mike Barnhart

I am a Christ-follower, Husband, Father, & Campus Minister.
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