Dear Child

Dear Child,

I am so thankful for your life.
Since the time I laid my eyes on you, you have been so very precious to Me.
Before I made you, I loved you.

When you were very young, I cared for you;
I met your ever need.
When you were thirsty, I gave you a drink.
I offered you food when you were hungry.
Sometimes you cried; I comforted you.
When you were tired, I laid you to rest.
You could not yet walk, so I carried you.
When you smiled, I smiled.  When you laughed, I laughed.
You liked to play with the things I provided you;
I liked to watch you enjoy my blessings.
You learned to walk, to run.
You ran in the soft, green grass.
The wind flowed through your hair;
The sun warmed your back.

Then you fell down in the mud.
You kicked, you screamed.
You desperately yearned to be rescued.
I came running to you.
I picked you out. I picked you up. I brought you home.
I stripped you of your old, dirty clothes; I threw them out.
I washed you clean; all your filth was wiped away.
I covered your wounds.  I kissed you.
I dried your tender skin, you felt fresh.
I gave you new clothes and helped you put them on.
You were clean, you were made new.

You were defeated, but I gave you hope.

As you grew older, I taught you much more.
I taught you to learn and to love; I instructed you to serve and to give.
I watched you struggle; I saw you fall.
But I was there to hold you close.  I was there to wipe your tears.
I wept with you. I rejoiced with you.
No matter where you went or what you did,
I never left you.
I kept you.

Though sometimes you just didn’t want to run this marathon,
I was with you through the finish line.

I will never leave you, nor forsake you.
Everything you have, I have given to you.
I created you for Me.
You are Mine.

I love you.


Mike Barnhart 5/3/11


About Mike Barnhart

I am a Christ-follower, Husband, Father, & Campus Minister.
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